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spacenet @ 31c3

Spacenet is also being offered at 31c3! You can connect with your credentials from your home hackerspace (or community). If you don't have an account you can connect with these credentials:

Username: guest@event
Password: guest

Phase 1: EAP-TTLS or PEAP
Phase 2: MSCHAPv2 or PAP
CN = eventradius.spacefed.net
CA = StartCom
Fingerprint = 1A:81:D0:A5:45:35:94:12:BB:1D:B5:FF:68:5C:9D:81:FE:33:FD:AF

Join us at #spacefed on irc.smurfnet.ch if you have any questions. Enjoy! :)

P.S. Your link layer should be secure using spacenet if you do certificate checking, but please note that spacenet in and of itself does not protect against ethernet/layer 2 attacks. Watch out for DHCP spoofing, ARP/NDP spoofing of the gateway and rogue router advertisements!

More information about spacenet

See this page for more information about spacenet.