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Space name Space type Location Using spacenet for Equipment Website
ACKspace Hackerspace NL, Heerlen 802.1X: WiFi DD-WRT ackspace.nl
Bitlair Hackerspace NL, Amersfoort 802.1X: WiFi 2x MikroTik Routerboard bitlair.nl
Das Labor Hackerspace DE, Bochum 802.1X: WiFi  ?? das-labor.org
Frack Hackerspace NL, Leeuwarden 802.1X: WiFi DD-WRT & Open-WRT frack.nl
Hack42 Hackerspace NL, Arnhem 802.1X: WiFi HP WESM controlled WiFi hack42.nl
IN-Berlin Hackerspace and non-commercial ISP DE, Berlin 802.1X: WiFi OpenWRT in-berlin.de
London Hackspace Hackerspace UK, London 802.1X: Wifi Cisco 3502's (stand alone) london.hackspace.org.uk
Nifhack Hackerspace NL, Ground Zero 802.1X: WiFi Aruba 3400 with AP-105s nifhack.nl
NottingHack Hackerspace UK, Nottingham 802.1X: Wifi  ?? nottinghack.org.uk
NURDspace Hackerspace NL, Wageningen 802.1X: WiFi OpenWRT NURDspace
Pixelbar Roaming hackerspace NL, Random Locations 802.1X: WiFi Multiple MikroTik RB751's, RB230's, Groove-A5Hn's and Groove-A2Hn's pixelbar
Randomdata Hackspace NL, Utrecht 802.1X: WiFi Aruba Instant 105 Randomdata.nl
RevSpace Hackerspace NL, Den Haag 802.1X: WiFi HP WESM controlled WiFi Revspace.nl
Sublab Hackerspace DE, Leipzig 802.1X: WiFi ARtem / Colubris sublab
Syn2Cat Hackerspace LU, Luxembourg 802.1X: WiFi  ?? hackerspace.lu
TechInc Hackerspace NL, Amsterdam 802.1X WiFi Cisco WLC techinc.nl
TkkrLab Hackerspace NL, Enschede 802.1X: WiFi DD-WRT tkkrlab.nl